Posted by Savio D'Silva

Delaware was the first state to ratify United States’ constitution in 1787; and is also known as the “small wonder” because of its natural beauty and its contribution to the nation’s growth.

Lying between the Chesapeake Bay in the west, and Delaware River and its bay to the east; Delaware is the 2nd smallest U.S. state after Rhode Island, covering an area of 5,000 km˛.

Delaware is on the mid-Atlantic coast and is bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland from north to south.

Being a part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Delaware’s climate is moderate though with significant variations in temperature despite its small size.

Majority of the population are White followed by significant percentages of Blacks and Hispanics; and miniscule Asians and Native Americans.

Delaware is a tourist paradise with its beautiful beaches, parks, wildlife refuges; and historic places, buildings and lighthouses.

The First State National Monument, Delaware Memorial Bridge (the 2nd longest twin suspension bridge in the world) and Fenwick Island are other tourist attractions.

Delaware hosts several festivals such as Riverfest held in Seaford, the Pumpkin-Chunkin World Championship; Behoboth, Zazz, Firefly Music and several others.

Delaware has the most outstanding public transportation in America with excellent network of roads; it also provides door-to-door subsidized transit to the elderly and the disabled.

New Castle Airport near Wilmington provides air connectivity to all American cities; Amtrak Railway and ferry services along the bays are convenient modes of alternate transport.